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we're gonna have a little f u n instead

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*hides behind mun* It's true though, where I come from Jack is not a guardian...

     ”Then what is he? What am I?”

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What would you do if I told you that there is a universe where Jack did not join pitch, but did not join the guardians as well?

     ”I would probably laugh at you… I’ve seen a lot of things, sweetie, but alternate universes are not one of them.”




     ”Ah’m not drunk,” he says, frowning over at her. "Did Ah call ye cute when Ah was drunk too?”

                          A wince follows. To say the least, there were some parts of that night

                          he didn’t remember. He vaguely remembers not getting a milkshake.

     ”An’ why would Ah be jokin’?”

                           Maybe he shouldn’t have said it. 


     ”You called me a lot of things when you were drunk,” Holly says, crossing her arms. She sighs. She hadn’t meant to put him off or seem rude. She just… wasn’t used to getting many honest compliments. Jokes, sure. 

              Honesty, not so much. 

     ”For the record, do you mean cute like… a puppy? Or cute like ‘wow, hey, that girl looks awesome, she’s so fine.’” This last part she says in her best man voice. 

     ”It’s just that I don’t get a lot of the latter.”

How about pitch? What is your opinion on him? ((I don't know I'm scared.))

     ”I’m… not a fan of him. It’s a long story, really, but I just… yeah, no.”

     ”I just like your butt a lot, okay?”

What is your opinion on mother nature? ((And I should I tell her that my Jack is not a guardian?))

     ”I really like her. Strong, beautiful, amazing story too. Didja know she fell to Earth in a star? It’s pretty neat.”


                                         «««D E A D«««

                                       b u t not a l l o w e dto DIE

                                       »»»A L I V E»»»

                                      b u t as g o o das DEAD

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"What did you just call me?" { *flops on* ur aliiiive! }


Send me “What did you just call me?” & I will generate what my muse calls yours



     He rubs the back of his neck nervously, not really meeting her eyes.

     She is both flattered and confused. 


                            “Are you drunk again, or… is this a joke?”

Holly, what would you do if Jack did not become a guardian?

     ”I guess… I would have stayed his staff forever. Or until he ceased to be. We got to such a point where I couldn’t survive independently, stuck as a piece of wood, so if he’d just left me… I would have died.

                    But if he kept going, nothing would have changed. Maybe we’d just stay like that forever. But it was only through becoming a Guardian and the belief of children that I even got this body… so I wouldn’t be the person I am today if he wasn’t the person he is.”




frosthoody's dark!Jack ver <3 ; v ; very fun!!!

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